Over the past 25 years, IFES has worked in over a dozen countries in Asia. IFES programming in this region partners global expertise with local solutions through combining efforts with a variety of partner organizations.

Projects in Asia also showcase IFES’ excellence in inclusion and empowerment, with elements of youth, gender, persons with disabilities and underrepresented populations in portions of our work across the continent. Examples of this include leadership trainings throughout Cambodia for women on election administration and working with disabled persons’ organizations to integrate citizens with disabilities into national socialization campaigns in Indonesia.

Current projects in Asia also capture our expertise in election management, with IFES providing technical assistance to election commissions in the Philippines, Pakistan and Nepal. This expertise is applied to the political context of each nation to develop strategies for promoting sustainable democracy.


Afghanistan | Technical Advisory Services to the Afghanistan Independent Electoral Complaints Commission (IECC)
Afghanistan | Strengthening Political Entities and Civil Society (SPECS)

Cambodia | Accountability in Governance and Politics 
Indonesia | ASEAN General Election Network for Disability Access (AGENDA)
Maldives | Election Support Activity
Maldives | Women and Youth
Myanmar | Elections and Political Processes Assistance
Nepal | Strengthening Political Parties, Electoral and Legislative Processes
Pakistan | Strengthening Political Parties, Electoral and Legislative Processes
Philippines | Supporting Democratic Systems in the Bangsamoro Autonomous Political Entity
Philippines | Supporting Transparent, Accountable and Modern Elections in the Philippines
Solomon Islands | Women Advocating for Voices in Government 


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