Across Europe, IFES applies its technical expertise in an effort to advance good governance and democratic rights. Programming in this region works with citizens and political stakeholders alike to foster greater political participation and free and fair elections. Projects include elements of civic and voter education, and many highlight IFES’ technical expertise in election management.

Currently, IFES' projects in Europe span from engaging youth voters in Georgia and Kyrgyzstan to reviewing legal framework in Kosovo. These projects and others showcase both long-standing relationships and new opportunities. For example, IFES has conducted 19 annual, nationwide public opinion surveys in the Ukraine to gauge attitudes on the electoral process and democratic progress. Moldova represents a fresh, new relationship for IFES. Since 2008, IFES has cooperated closely with the Central Election Commission of Moldova to improve voter registration and engage in electoral law reform.

In developing citizen participation, election management and electoral integrity, IFES has seen many successes in Europe, from creating procedural manuals on election administration in Armenia to training 18,558 poll workers and leading a door-to-door project to improve the accuracy of the voter list in Kyrgyzstan.


Albania | Support for Albania’s Parliamentary Elections (SAPE)
Georgia | Strengthening Electoral Processes
Kosovo | Strengthening Election Administration in Kosovo (SEAK II)
Kyrgyzstan | Political Processes Program
Moldova | Electoral Administration Capacity Development
Ukraine | Electoral Law Reform Program 
Ukraine | Strengthening Political Processes in Ukraine Program


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