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To keep the Ukrainian and international community updated on electoral developments as they draw near or take place, IFES plans to issue a news bulletin every few weeks.

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In August 2012, IFES Senior Political Finance Adviser Magnus Ohman performed an analysis of the regulatory framework governing campaign finance in Ukraine. His report assesses the compliance of Ukrainian laws with international standards and makes recommendations for improvement. 

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Following the 2010 local elections in Ukraine, observers were critical of the Law on Local Elections, which many believed facilitated irregularities in the poll. This paper reviews the Law on Local Elections and identifies important flaws that should be addressed before the next general local elections.

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Project In Brief

IFES’ Ukraine Electoral Law Reform program works closely with civil society partners, engaging local organizations and the broader public in dialogue about electoral reform. The program attempts to bring election laws and practices in compliance with international best practices, as well as European and international norms through formal and informal review of draft legislation; monitoring the implementation of legislation; advocating for transparent processes; and strengthening the capacity of electoral officials.


Currently, the program is focusing efforts on long-term objectives in election-law reform, civil society participation and building the capacity of the Central Election Commission (CEC) to deliver credible, competent elections.


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