Middle East and North Africa

The Arab Spring reaffirmed the importance of democratic representation and the need for opportunity, access and freedom. Today, IFES programming continues to responds to challenges across the region, including such countries as Libya, Tunisia, Egypt and Yemen.

IFES has worked in over a dozen countries throughout the Middle East and North Africa. At present, projects in this region represent some of IFES’ most innovative work, from establishing and operating a media center in Yemen to working with a local NGO in Tunisia on campaign finance monitoring.

A number of regional endeavors also showcase IFES’ excellence in transparency and electoral integrity and inclusion and empowerment. The Enhancing Finance Transparency in the Arab Region project aims to build awareness and capacity among stakeholders across the Middle East and North Africa in order to increase transparency in political finance. The Status of Women in the Middle East and North Africa project worked to improve the condition of women in the region by measuring opinions on gender gaps Using data collected during the project, IFES worked closely with in-country partners and advisers to train women and encourage local civil society organizations to conduct research-based advocacy within each country.


Egypt | Political Processes Support Project
Iraq | Elections Support Project
Jordan | Elections and Political Processes Program in Jordan
Lebanon| Lebanese Electoral Violence Risk Assessment II
Libya | Libya Elections and Governance Support
Libya | Global Women’s Leadership Fund
Tunisia | Public Information and Outreach Assistance to the Tunisian Election Authorities
Tunisia | Supporting Civil Society in Monitoring Campaign Finance
Yemen | Transitional Democratic Process Program
Yemen | Enhancing Responsiveness to Insecurity and Conflict During Elections
Regional | Enhancing Transparency in Political Finance in the Arab Region


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