IFES Brochure: Electoral Integrity

November 13, 2012 - IFES

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The legitimacy of an election depends on the actual or perceived integrity of the electoral process. If citizens and candidates believe the electoral process is defective or dishonest, they may not accept the outcome.

IFES has developed an electoral integrity portfolio that defines international standards and best practices and builds on 25 years of real-world experience in strengthening the effectiveness of election management bodies (EMBs) and organizing credible elections.

IFES programming increases electoral integrity by working with election administrators and other stakeholders to improve and enforce campaign finance regulations; develop appropriate legal structures and effective election complaint adjudication systems; and strengthen their ability to proactively combat electoral fraud through risk assessments and strategic fraud control plans.

Recognizing that each environment requires a unique approach, IFES works with key in-country stakeholders - including government institutions, political parties, civil society groups, media and scholars - in a collaborative, holistic manner to support transparency and accountability.

Read more in our 2012 brochure.


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