Central Election Commission staff and IFES consultants review the readiness of material at intake. Photo courtesy of IFES.

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Inclusion of Marginalized Communities in Georgia

October 16, 2013

For many years, non-Georgian speaking regions of the country have been disenfranchised, as election information has been historically distributed only in the Georgian language. This podcast features Anthony Bowyer, IFES Senior Program Manager for the Caucasus and Central Asia as he stresses the importance of giving a voice to these communities, and steps the election commission of Georgia is taking to increase representation.

Elections, Vulnerable and Marginalized Populations, All Inclusion and Empowerment

VOICE for the People: Using Robust Evaluations for More Effective Civic Education Programs

August 15, 2012

In order gain precise insight into the effect of its adult civic education program in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), IFES implemented the VOICE Impact Evaluation study.

Civic Education, Elections, Governance

Libyans Vote in First Post-Gaddafi Election

July 17, 2012

On July 7, 2012, Libya took a major step on its path to democracy when it conducted elections for General National Congress, the body that is replacing the current unelected National Transitional Council. Despite dealing with a short timeframe to implement the poll and a challenging security environment, the event was considered a success. Election Day was a joyful occasion as citizens lined up to cast their ballots in the first poll since Mu'amar Gaddafi was deposed.

Elections, Post-conflict, Governance

Elections in Russia: The March 4 Presidential Election

March 02, 2012

Protests following the December 2011 State Duma elections revealed a change in the dynamic between the Russian population and the Kremlin, leaving many to wonder how this growing grassroots movement will impact the March 4 presidential election and its aftermath.


Before and After the Arab Spring

February 23, 2012

In this second podcast celebrating IFES' silver anniversary, Michael Svetlik, IFES Vice President of Programs, talks about the Middle East and North Africa region's quest for democracy.

Elections, Democracy Assistance

IFES 2011 Contributions to the Cause of Democracy

December 22, 2011

Providing support to election management bodies in four continents; hosting conversations on political finance and corruption; producing publications on Iran’s electoral system, election adjudication and strategic planning; and, primarily, focusing our work on the ideas of voter access and inclusion of all citizens — these were IFES’ 2011 success stories.

Elections, Democracy Assistance, Women's Empowerment, Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities

2011: A Year of Momentous Elections

December 21, 2011

2011 was a year of historic elections. From the referendum that brought independence to South Sudan, to the first free and fair elections in Tunisia and the first legislative election in 10 years in Cote d’Ivoire, the year was full of important polls and milestones for democracy. This gallery presents images of some of the elections around the world in which IFES had the privilege to be involved.

Elections, Democracy Assistance

Elections in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

November 29, 2011

On November 28, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) held presidential and legislative elections. IFES has been working in the DRC for over a decade, most recently with programs aimed at tackling corruption and building the capacity of civil society.


Guatemala's Historic Second Round

November 21, 2011

On 6 November, Guatemala held the runoff for its presidential election. The poll that was eventually won by Otto Pérez Perez Molina, a retired army general from the Patriotic Party (Partido Patriota, PP), had a record turnout for a second round vote. It also ushered in the first female vice president of Guatemala as both presidential candidates had a woman for a running mate. IFES assisted Guatemala’s election commission (Tribunal Supremo Electoral, TSE) in a number of efforts, including voter outreach, poll worker training and increasing electoral access for persons with disabilities.

Elections, Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities

Topic In Brief

Elections afford citizens an opportunity to organize peacefully for political change. IFES helps assure that elections are well administered and that citizens have an opportunity to participate actively in the electoral process.

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