IFES Annual Report 2016

What’s Going on at IFES?

Elections in Burkina Faso: 2017 Municipal Elections Featured Image

On May 28, Burkinabé voters in 19 communes will elect municipal councilors, who will in turn elect their mayors and deputy mayors. To help you understand this important electoral process, check out IFES' FAQs.

IFES Launches 2017 Photo Contest Featured Image

The International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) 2017 Photography Contest showcases photos of elections and democracy from around the world. We encourage submissions of photographs of marginalized groups such as persons with disabilities, women, youth, and ethnic and religious minorities, among others. While democracy promotion is a subjective theme, photos that capture the essence of IFES’ core areas – Electoral Integrity, Participation and Inclusion, Accountability, and Women's Empowerment – are highly favored.

Photo Gallery: Nepal Votes in Phase 1 of First Local Elections in 20 Years Featured Image

On May 14, 2017, Nepal held phase one of the first local elections in 20 years. More than 14 million voters across 75 districts were registered to elect 34,908 local-level legislative and executive representatives over two phases – the second phase of the election is scheduled for June 14.

IFES@30: 30 Years Advancing Good Governance and Democratic Rights

Women’s Empowerment Featured Image

Women have true talents and are just as capable as men - that was Noura Mohamed Al-Tabalgi's first breakthrough revelation during IFES' Women's Leadership Program in Libya. She serves as an example of how providing women knowledge, tools, and opportunity in a supportive environment can create dedicated agents of change in a country undergoing great transformation.

IFES Staff, Headquarters Featured Image

In this podcast interview, Lemargie describes what he has observed during his time in the field, his most memorable moments working at IFES and how IFES can continue to make an impact in democracy assistance around the world.

Thought Leadership and 2013 Joe C. Baxter Award Recipient Featured Image

Dr. Jørgen Elklit has been an adviser on electoral systems in Afghanistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, China, Iraq, Kenya, Lesotho, Nepal and Tanzania, among other countries. To honor his many contributions to as an electoral administrator and a thought leader in the field, IFES awarded him with the 2013 Joe C. Baxter Award.