Giving a Voice to Tunisia’s Voiceless Citizens

What’s Going on at IFES?

In this edition of IFES’ Dialogues on Democracy, Editorial and Communications Manager Adam Gallagher talks with Vice President of Programs Michael Svetlik about the busy slate of elections in Latin America in the year ahead. Svetlik discusses why 2018 will be an important year for democracy in Latin America, the potential for democratic backsliding, Mexico and Venezuela's upcoming elections and the role of professional, independent election management in meeting challenges to democracy.
Storytelling Mobilizes Kenyan Voters to Head to the Polls
In addition to traditional voter education, the International Foundation for Electoral Systems' “Kenya Electoral Assistance Program” (KEAP) used creative ways to educate the public ahead of the August 2017 general elections. Creative content was developed for TV and digital ads, radio spots, posters, street theater, puppetry, spoken word, photography, dance and personalized conversations. The creative content was based on data-driven insights that informed how the communication was structured, who the messenger was and what types of messages motivated people to vote.
Ukrainian University Educators Learn New, Innovative Civic Education Methodology
From February 4-7, 2018, 24 university educators representing eight Ukrainian universities from five cities completed the first in a series of trainings on civic education teaching methodology. The training was organized by IFES, and was designed to prepare the participants to teach the IFES-developed, semester-long course titled, “Democracy: from Theory to Practice,” to be piloted at eight universities during the 2018/2019 academic year.

IFES@30: 30 Years Advancing Good Governance and Democratic Rights

The International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) is proud to celebrate its 30th anniversary in 2017. Throughout the last three decades, IFES has supported citizens’ rights to participate in free and fair elections. Our independent expertise strengthens electoral systems and builds local capacity to deliver sustainable solutions.
IFES Public Opinion Surveys
In this Q&A, General Director Dr. Vladimir Paniotto of the Kiev International Institute of Sociology (KIIS) – an organization IFES used to partner with to conduct its public opinion polling in Ukraine – discusses how the Euromaidan movement affected Ukrainians’ views on democracy, how public opinion polling can help strengthen democracy and what is unique about IFES’ public opinion polling project in Ukraine.
Technical Assistance to Election Management Bodies
Iraq has undergone dramatic change in the past decade. The U.S.-led war in Iraq that began in 2003, and the subsequent de-Ba’athification process led by the Coalition Provisional Authority, spike in sectarianism, advancement by the Islamic State (IS) and push by the Kurds for independence, all continue to impact the country’s political and security environment. It is within this complex context that the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) worked in Iraq for the 12 years, providing capacity building for Iraq’s election system from 2003 until September 2015.

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