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IFES annually awards two to four Democracy Studies Fellowships to bring outstanding U.S. graduate students to Washington, D.C. to engage in democracy development research. Based at IFES’ Center for Applied Research and Learning, fellows have access to IFES experts and conduct independent research with IFES mentors for six to eight weeks.

On February 18, Ugandans will vote for President, 290 Members of Parliament who are directly elected to represent 290 constituencies, as well as 112 District Women Members of Parliament. A presidential candidate must receive 50 percent plus one vote to avoid a run-off election. Members of Parliament are elected in single-member constituencies through a simple majority system.

On January 21, the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) and the Office of Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee (TX-18) hosted “Women in the Military: Lessons on Leading and Women’s Expanded Role in Combat,” the fourth installment of the “Women, Peace and Security” Capitol Hill breakfast briefing series.

IFES Champions #HerVoteHerVoice

With support from USAID's Global Women’s Leadership Program, IFES is developing a systematic approach for engaging men to support women in leadership and decision-making roles in political and electoral processes in Syria.

Electoral violence can emerge out of post-conflict scenarios, simmering socio-economic, ethnic or religious differences, long-standing rivalries of elaborate patronage networks, or in otherwise stable political situations given the wrong mix of circumstances and opportunity. That is, it is a global problem, and communities from Newark, New Jersey in the U.S. to Kabul in Afghanistan have experienced electoral violence.

Despite making up half of the population, women are excluded from equal political participation by prohibitive power dynamics embedded in culture, institutions and legal systems, all conditions which are exacerbated during conflict.

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