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The pervasive culture of political violence in Bangladesh has unique impacts on women, where intimidation, harassment, and sometimes physical violence can inhibit women’s electoral and political participation. To address this issue, women themselves have a critical role to play in promoting peaceful and gender-inclusive elections.

On November 29, citizens of Burkina Faso will head to the polls to elect their next President and Deputies who will represent them in the National Assembly. These elections were originally scheduled for October 11, 2015, but were postponed until November 29 due to a coup d’état on September 17.

Electoral violence can emerge out of post-conflict scenarios, simmering socio-economic, ethnic or religious differences, long-standing rivalries of elaborate patronage networks, or in otherwise stable political situations given the wrong mix of circumstances and opportunity. That is, it is a global problem, and communities from Newark, New Jersey in the U.S. to Kabul in Afghanistan have experienced electoral violence.

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