From Kenya to Guinea, IFES has worked in over 20 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa over the past quarter century. Projects in Africa cover an array of topics, including strengthening the capacity of electoral commissions to administer elections and developing strategies to improve electoral security.
IFES has provided technical and professional assistance in Latin America and the Caribbean in all areas of the electoral cycle. In this region, many IFES programs incorporate the inclusion of persons with disabilities as a focus. IFES' work in the Americas also highlights a dedication to transparency and electoral integrity, from implementing an audit and analysis of the voter registry in Guatemala to improving election administration in Puerto Rico.
IFES programming in Asia partners global expertise with local solutions through combining efforts with a variety of partner organizations - election commissions, civil society and media in countries spanning the continent from Afghanistan to the Solomon Islands. Projects showcase IFES’ excellence in areas including election administration, electoral dispute resolution and campaign finance. Inclusion and empowerment of youth, women, persons with disabilities and underrepresented populations is a common thread in our work across the continent.
In an effort to advance good governance and democratic rights, IFES programming in Europe works with citizens and political stakeholders alike to foster greater political participation and free and fair elections. Projects across the region include elements of civic and voter education, and many highlight IFES’ technical expertise in election management.
Over the past 25 years, IFES has worked in over a dozen countries throughout the Middle East and North Africa. The Arab Spring reaffirmed the importance of democratic representation and the need for opportunity, access and freedom. Today, IFES programming continues to responds to challenges across the region, including in such countries as Libya, Tunisia, Egypt and Yemen.


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