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Public opinion can play a critical role in political and electoral development in a country and research in this area highlights the complex collection of opinions that impact the political process. IFES  understands the tide of public opinion becomes more crucial during elections and has developed research tools  to gauge these sentiments, using them to inform project activities and better  understand the political context of individual nations.

Through IFES' Applied Research Center, public opinion research approaches are developed for each country context, with no one-size-fits-all approach. This method has unearthed findings  across the globe on voter education, elections, government, social status and much more.

An example of IFES' long-standing work in public opinion is the annual Ukraine survey. IFES has conducted 19 surveys in Ukraine, gauging Ukrainian opinions on politics and the future of their  country from post-Independence, through the Orange Revolutions, through today. 

The Status of Women in the Middle East and North Africa project used public opinion to strengthen the  capacity of local organizations that work on women's issues so they can better promote causes that will improve women's standing. This has been done by sharing information and teaching  organizations how to interpret data and use it to support advocacy campaigns that target policymakers.


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