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Indonesia’s April 2014 Legislative Elections

April 24, 2014

On April 9th, the world's fourth most populous nation held its fourth legislative elections since returning to democracy in 1999. Indonesia's colorful elections are the largest and most complex single day election event in the world.  More than 70 percent of the 187 million registered voters cast more than half a billion ballots in nearly half a million polling stations on more than 8,000 inhabited islands. Balloting started after dawn and election officials had completed the counting process at the polling station level long before dusk, but the lengthy aggregation process means that official results will not be known until more than a month after the elections, providing a tense period for more than 200,000 candidates as fewer than ten percent of them will win.


For more information on the Indonesian election, visit the Indonesia Election Portal and read IFES’ FAQs.

Elections in Indonesia: 2014 National Legislative Elections

April 02, 2014

On April 9, Indonesians will elect members of the national level legislatures and sub-national legislatures in what is one of the most complex electoral events globally.

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Indonesians Voice Confidence in Election Commission

March 07, 2014

In December 2013, Lembaga Survey Indonesia (LSI), with support from IFES, fielded a national survey focused on electoral process issues in Indonesia. We invite you to download the key findings in English or Bahasa Indonesia for more details.

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IFES Remembers Indonesian Disability Rights Leader Yusdiana

December 30, 2013

The International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) is deeply saddened by the passing of Senior Disability Rights Adviser Yusdiana (“Diana”) of Indonesia. She died of complications after surgery in Jakarta on December 28. Our sincerest thoughts are with her family and the disability community.

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Accessible Elections for Persons with Disabilities in Five Southeast Asian Countries

October 25, 2013

All too often, persons with disabilities are not included in the political lives of their country on an equal basis with others. Accessible Elections for Persons with Disabilities in Five Southeast Asian Countries is the first systematic attempt to gather data on election access from Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, the Philippines and Vietnam. The report reviews – for persons with disabilities – existing legal frameworks, challenges and barriers in exercising political rights and participation; best practices and innovations; and examples of how disabled persons organizations have been involved in electoral issues.

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AGENDA Contributes to 23rd Session of UN Human Rights Council

July 03, 2013

AGENDA Disability Rights Adviser Yusdiana visited Geneva on June 11 to attend the 23rd Session of the United Nations (UN) Human Rights Council. Her attendance marks growing recognition and appreciation of AGENDA and its work not just in the Southeast Asia, but globally. Yusdiana sat down with us to discuss her visit.

Understanding the Success of Multiethnic Parties in Indonesia

February 14, 2013

IFES’ 2012 Hybl Fellow Geoffrey Macdonald focuses on the influence of election rules in preventing the rise of ethnic parties in Indonesia in this Democracy Fellowship Paper.

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AGENDA Conference Promotes Exchange of Ideas on Electoral Access

November 15, 2012

From November 10-11, the General Election Network for Disability Access (AGENDA) held the Second Regional Dialogue on Access to Elections for Persons with Disabilities. At this two-day event, disability advocates, election management bodies, election monitoring organizations, nongovernmental organizations, donors, and academics from 17 countries shared best practices for improving election access for persons with disabilities.

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AGENDA Conference Continues Conversation on Rights of Persons with Disabilities

November 09, 2012

The second General Election Network for Disability Access (AGENDA) conference to promote the political rights of persons with disabilities in Southeast Asia is taking place November 10-11, 2012. The event will bring together hundreds of disabled people’s organizations, government representatives and election officials and practitioners to share best practices for ensuring that the political rights of persons with disabilities are observed in the region.

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Inside Jakarta’s 2012 Elections for Governor

October 02, 2012

On September 20, 2012, the capital city of Jakarta held its second round of elections for governor. The first round of this important poll took place on July 11, 2012. Operations Coordinator Meredith Applegate answers questions on the race for the governorship and Election Day.

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