Putting thumb print to receive first-past-the-post ballot for voting.

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Empowering Youth in Nepal to Secure their Voting Rights

August 20, 2014

In support of efforts to strengthen the participation of youth, ethnic minorities and historically marginalized groups in Nepal's electoral process, IFES has partnered with Youth Initiative to educate youth on the importance of obtaining their citizenship certificates and registering to vote.

All Inclusion and Empowerment

IFES Hosts Election Commission of Nepal

July 23, 2014

On July 14, the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) hosted a delegation from the Election Commission of Nepal (ECN), led by Commissioner Dolakh Bahadur Gurung, for a series of meetings at its Washington, D.C. headquarters.

Institutional Development, Electoral Systems, All Election Management

Elections in Nepal: November 19 Constituent Assembly Elections

November 14, 2013

On November 19, Nepalis will elect members to form a Constituent Assembly (CA), which will be charged with drafting a new constitution for the South Asian country. IFES' frequently asked questions (FAQs) Elections in Nepal: November 19 Constituent Assembly Elections shed light on the poll. 

All Election Management

Using Personal Experience to Improve Accessibility for All

October 16, 2013

Padam Pariyar, who was born with a physical disability, is currently using his advocacy and leadership skills to increase the political participation of persons with disabilities and empower local disabled persons organizations (DPOs) in Nepal.

Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities, All Inclusion and Empowerment

Working with Nepal’s Dalit Population – Transforming Marginalization

October 16, 2013

In collaboration with two leading Dalit-focused civil society organizations, as well as the Election Commission of Nepal, IFES is implementing programs that engage the traditionally marginalized Dalit population.

Vulnerable and Marginalized Populations, All Inclusion and Empowerment

IFES Alumni Goes Back to School, Looks to Level the Global Playing Field

October 16, 2013

Alexandra Matthews, a graduate student at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden, tells us what she learned about empowering the vulnerable while at IFES, and how this work inspired her studies.

Vulnerable and Marginalized Populations, All Inclusion and Empowerment

CEDAW’s 33rd Anniversary: IFES Reflects on Efforts to End Discrimination against Women

December 18, 2012

December 18, 2012, marks the 33rd anniversary of the signing of the United Nations Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW). In honor of this special day, IFES colleagues from around the world share their thoughts on gender discrimination in their countries and how they are working to overcome it.

Women's Empowerment, All Inclusion and Empowerment

CEDAW Anniversary: Helping Women in Nepal Find Their Voice

December 18, 2012

Although increasing women’s political, economic, social and legal influence is needed for the development of Nepal, women in general – poor women, in particular – are discriminated against, disadvantaged, marginalized, excluded and exploited from the development of all sectors, at all levels. Radhika Regmi, IFES' national training adviser in Nepal, talks about how IFES tries to bring women into political processes in Nepal.

Women's Empowerment, All Inclusion and Empowerment

Empowering Underrepresented Populations

October 18, 2012

In this podcast, Vasu Mohan, IFES deputy director for Asia, and Alan Wall, country director in Nepal tell us about IFES' work to empower underrepresented populations.

Vulnerable and Marginalized Populations, All Inclusion and Empowerment

Elections for All: Empowering the Underrepresented

October 17, 2012

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights guarantees all individuals the freedom to partake in their nation’s government and political processes, including elections. Yet, many individuals around the world face barriers to full participation due to social, ethnic and economic inequalities. IFES’ programs empower these underrepresented populations to participate in political life in a variety of ways. This photo gallery provides some examples of our work in this area.

Women's Empowerment, All Inclusion and Empowerment


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