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Assessment of Voter Registration in Serbia

October 05, 2012

In Serbia on August 10-22, 2012, discussions were held with 14 municipality offices and a small number of other electoral stakeholders on the status, issues and considerations related to voter registration.

Voter Registration, All Election Management

Serbian Elections Highlight Important Challenges

May 29, 2012

On May 6, Serbian citizens cast their ballots in what was deemed successful presidential, parliamentary and local elections by the monitoring missions of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe's (OSCE) Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights and the Council of Europe.

All Election Management

Elections in Serbia: May 6 Presidential, Parliamentary, Provincial and Local Elections

May 01, 2012

On May 6, Serbian citizens will cast their vote for the next president. Due to President Tadić’s voluntary resignation on April 5, 10 months ahead of the expiration of his term, the presidential election will now take place on the same day as scheduled parliamentary, provincial and local elections.

The Serbian 2011 Law on Financing Political Activities - Legal Provisions and Recommendations for Enforcement

July 27, 2011

The purpose of this report is to give a brief analysis of the Law on Political Financing which was published in the “Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia” on 14 June 2011. In addition, comments are given regarding the enforcement of this Act, focusing on the successful implementation in relation to the elections planned for early 2012.

Political Finance, All Electoral Integrity and Transparency, Legal Framework, All Election Management

A Study of Political Party Assistance in Eastern Europe and Eurasia

June 2007

Under a joint project of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and the U.S. State Department (EUR/ACE), Democracy International (DI) conducted a comprehensive study of efforts to assist political party development in Eastern Europe and Eurasia.

Democracy Assistance, Civil Society, Public Opinion, Governance, Women's Empowerment

Serbia, FRY Final Report: October 1999-September 30, 2002

December 2002

IFES conducted election-related activities in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia from 2000-2002. This report summarizes the various activities IFES undertook to pave the way for more intense involvement in a reformed and more democratic election system in Serbia. The report discusses a range of IFES activities including pre-election assessments, observation training and redistricting.

All Election Management

Serbia and Montenegro: Poll worker Training Voter Awareness Assessment Legal Review

May 1998

This report summarizes IFES’ pre-electoral assessment regarding the parliamentary and presidential elections in Serbia from 1997.  The report analyzes the internal strengths and weaknesses of Serbian election law and administration, and identifies and examines where the process was vulnerable to external influences and where it was open to independent monitoring.

Political Parties, Elections, Election Law, Legal Framework, Civil Society

Republic of Serbia: Poll worker Training, Phase I, Aug-Oct 1997

December 1997

This report summarizes IFES’ poll worker training program in Serbia from 1997.  The report discusses Serbia’s electoral environment, project implementation and evaluation before concluding with recommendations for future programming.

Elections, Democracy Assistance, Election Procedures, Election Law, Civil Society

Republic of Serbia: Pre-Election Technical Assessment

June 1997

This report summarizes IFES’ pre-election technical assessment in Serbia from April 1997.  The report analyzes the internal strengths and weaknesses of the electoral laws and administration in Serbia, including the appeals process.  The report also discusses indirect impediments to free and fair elections. 

Election Disputes, Election Procedures, Election Law, Elections, Legal Framework

Guide to the Elections December 1993


Guide to the Elections December 1993

Election Law


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