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The International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) has a diverse collection of election materials from around the world. Our collection contains thousands of key electoral documents – including ballots, country reports, electoral codes, civic education posters and more – that IFES has produced or collected over the years, capturing our ongoing work as well as historic moments in democracy-building. No new materials have been added since 2013, and the collection is maintained for archival purposes.

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1 Nov 1976 | Election Material
Sample general election ballot for the 2 November 1976 election in Minnesota. The main candidates in the presidential race were Gerald FORD and Jimmy CARTER.
1 Nov 1976 | Election Material
Ballots used in the 1976 and 1978 general elections in Mississippi. The ballots list candidates for various nationwide, statewide, and local elections.
31 Oct 1976 | Election Material
This is an instructional ballot from Wayne County, Michigan for the upcoming November 2, 1976 national elections.  The piece contains information on what you must do to vote and how you can...
29 Sep 1976 | Election Material
Dahir Portant Loi Relatif A Lorganisation Communale
13 Sep 1976 | Election Material
Primary election ballot for Democratic Party voters in Middlefield, Massachusetts. In this election, voters selected the candidates they wished to have represent the Democratic Party in the...
2 Aug 1976 | Election Material
Primary elections were held for the Republican and Democratic parties on 3 August 1976 to select nominees for the November 1976 general election. This ballot was used for the primary elections in Ada...
15 Jun 1976 | Election Material
Law of Political Association
31 Dec 1975 | Election Material
This pamphlet provides Californian’s with the necessary information required to register to vote as well as how to file for an absentee ballot.  The piece was disturbed in lead up to the November...
31 Dec 1975 | Election Material
This is a pamphlet of information regarding the October 2 primary and November 2, 1976 general elections in the City and County of Honolulu.  The piece contains information regarding absentee...
31 Dec 1975 | Election Material
This 1976 pamphlet was produced to educate Hawaiian voters on the concept of a closed primary.  A closed primary election only permits people affiliated with the party of the primary to...
31 Dec 1975 | Election Material
This pamphlet was published in 1976 in Minnesota in lead up to that year’s general elections.  The objective of the piece was to energize citizens behind the voting process and provides some...
31 Dec 1975 | Election Material
This article was published in 1976 in Minnesota by the Election Division of the Office of the Secretary of State.  The piece was released to educated voters on the electoral process and also...