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The International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) has a diverse collection of election materials from around the world. Our collection contains thousands of key electoral documents – including ballots, country reports, electoral codes, civic education posters and more – that IFES has produced or collected over the years, capturing our ongoing work as well as historic moments in democracy-building. No new materials have been added since 2013, and the collection is maintained for archival purposes.

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31 Dec 1972 | Election Material
Laws of Malawi - Local Government Supplement: Urban Areas
31 Dec 1972 | Election Material
31 Dec 1972 | Election Material
1 Nov 1972 | Election Material
The “Official Voters Pamphlet,” published on November 2, 1972 by Washington Secretary of State A. Ludlow Kramer outlines 24 Acts and Referendums regarding changes to the state constitution, local...
25 Jul 1972 | Election Material
Constitution of the Cayman Islands as promulgated in 1972.  
30 Jun 1971 | Election Material
This is an article from 1971 that was published on the voting system of Maricopa County, Arizona.  The Article was written in response to the long lines voters were forced to wait in during the...
30 Apr 1971 | Election Material
“Ghana Experiments with Civic Education” is an article by Fred Hayward featured in Africa Report in the May 1971 edition. Hayward discusses the origins of the Center for Civic Education and...
25 Apr 1970 | Election Material
Laws on Local Authorities and Municipal Elections (Urnenabstimmungen in Gemeninden Proporzverordnung Landratswahlgesetz Gemeindegesetz Zusammenarbeit Der Kommunalen Gewalten)
31 Dec 1969 | Election Material
Laws of Malawi - Local Government Supplement, 1970
31 Dec 1969 | Election Material
“Election Guide” is a voter guide published in 1970 by the Pennsylvania Department of State, in lead up to the May 19, 1970 General Primary Election and the November 3, 1970 General Election, and...
31 Dec 1969 | Election Material
“Your Party and You” is a booklet produced in 1970 by the Pennsylvania Committee of Seventy and intended to provide Pennsylvanians with basic information regarding practical politics and voting...
4 Dec 1969 | Election Material
Federal Contested Election