IFES has supported Kosovar elections via political and campaign finance monitoring, public outreach, civil society work and civic education since 1998. Within the last 10 years, IFES has supported Kosovo during its first democratically run elections, helped the Central Election Commission (CEC) and Election Complaints and Appeals Panel (ECAP) implement electoral and constitutional reform processes, helped grow the capacity of these election bodies, increased electoral access and inclusion for disadvantaged groups, and developed an electoral violence and violations monitoring system.

In August 2016, IFES implemented the “Strengthening Election Administration Activity in Kosovo” project with two goals: (1) To support institutions to efficiently and independently accomplish their roles and responsibilities; and (2) To support the CEC, CEC Secretariat (CECS), and ECAP to effectively conduct local and parliamentary elections. Highlights include:

Supporting the CEC and ECAP: IFES has implemented training plans to increase staff capacities, incorporate gender and disability mainstreaming, improve electoral transparency, distribute innovative voter education materials, and develop IT solutions and programs. Furthermore,a geographic information system that will accurately assign voters to polling places is under development.

June 11, 2017 Extraordinary Parliamentary Elections: With less than a month of preparation time, IFES oversaw rapid election staff training, provided technical support on Election Day, contributed to international election observation activities, and reported on the effectiveness of CEC and ECAP activities.

October 22, 2017 Municipal Elections: IFES provided essential support by producing election FAQ brochures and intuitive election instruction materials, creating a social media campaign to raise voter awareness of new election laws, and through technical support on the CEC’s new election violation and management system. IFES also helped review results from the first round of elections, and provided recommendations to poll workers for subsequent run-off elections.