Spreading the News: The Role of Media in Transitioning Democracies


20 May 2013

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Traditional and social media play a critical role in transitioning democracies. These outlets empower citizens by providing information and a platform for expression.

IFES trains journalists on the electoral process to enhance the accuracy of their reporting and prevent misinformation. IFES also trains election management bodies on media relations to improve their delivery of timely, appropriate messages through the press. Through these interactions, more citizens are able to participate in political processes with accurate and updated information.

This podcast discusses the importance of media and its role in developing credible democratic institutions.


Ana Santos, Senior Program Officer, The Americas

Anthony Bowyer, Anthony Bowyer, Senior Program Manager, Caucasus and Central Asia

Raquel Fontanés, Senior Program Manager, East and Southern Africa

Vasu Mohan, Deputy Regional Director, Asia