14 Jul 2017

As Kenya draws close to the August 2017 elections, one area of concern has been the underrepresentation of women in the electoral process. Underrepresentation by this often-marginalized group does not only stem from the number of women that register to vote but also the lack of availability of targeted voter education.

11 Jul 2017
Silvia Quan, a former Vice-Chairperson of the CRPD Committee, speaks on IFES’ panel.Silvia Quan, a former Vice-Chairperson of the CRPD Committee, speaks o
7 Jul 2017

An image of two Fulani women patiently queueing to register to vote in Nigeria’s 2015 historic elections received top honors in the International Foundation for Electoral Systems’ (IFES) 2015 Photography Contest. In Kwara state, where the photo was taken, people of Fulani ethnicity are a minority among the much larger Yoruba and Hausa groups.

7 Jul 2017

Nigeria’s 2015 general elections marked a watershed moment in the country’s history with the first opposition candidate defeating an incumbent President in democratic elections.

6 Jul 2017

When Ramini Matcharashvili attended the semester-long civics course titled “Democracy and Citizenship” (Demokratia da Mokalakeoba) at Shota Ru

30 Jun 2017

Elected primary school representatives from Kenya's 47 counties gathered in Nairobi from June 19-23, 2017 for the National Children's Government Congress, which included nominations, elections, the children's government parliamentary session and swearing-in ceremony.

29 Jun 2017

The General Election Network for Disability Access (AGENDA), a creative partnership of disabled people’s organizations (DPOs) and election-focused civil society organizations in Southeast Asia, organized a meeting of disability rights advocates on June 18 in Phuket, Thailand, to discuss recommendations for the access to justice, disaster risk management, and entrepreneurship for people with dis

27 Jun 2017

As part of its work in Kenya, the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES), through the Global Affairs Canada funded “Kenya Electoral System Support” program is providing grants to youth-based organizations whose focus is encouraging greater and more meaningful youth participation in Kenya’s electoral process.

14 Jun 2017

A robust and analytical media is necessary for voters to make informed choices at the polls. This requires substantive coverage of candidates and platforms, but also in-depth presentation of the impact and meaning of an electoral system.