20 Apr 2015

The International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) and Democracy International (DI) have released a new joint white paper that identifies best practices for election audits in developing democracies.

3 Mar 2015

The International Foundation for Electoral Systems’ (IFES) second review of women’s participation as election officials in Kosovo presents statistics from the June 2014 national elections. IFES’ previous analysis of the November 2013 municipal election showed a low proportion of women in election staff positions, particularly at management levels.

17 Nov 2014

The International Foundation for Electoral System’s (IFES) in close cooperation with national experts from Commerce, Development and Environment Consulting, conducted a nation-wide survey to measure the prevalence of vote buying in the Maldives during the March 2014 parliamentary elections.

13 Aug 2014

The William and Kathy Hybl Fellowship, funded by William Hybl, Vice Chairman of the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) Board of Directors and wife, Kathy, brings an outstanding graduate student every year from the Rocky Mountain region to Washington, D.C. to conduct research in democracy-building.

7 Aug 2014

The book Elections Worth Dying For? A Selection of Case Studies from Africa examines the roots of violence within election processes in Africa from a variety of perspectives.

5 Aug 2014

Throughout the world, women and men have different opportunities to participate in the political sphere. This is particularly true when it comes to participation as candidates and elected officials in electoral processes. There are many factors that contribute to existing gender inequalities in politics.

17 Jul 2014

Burundi is one of few countries in the world to have adopted a gender quota for its legislature in an effort to promote the inclusion and participation of women in the political process. As such, it presents an informative case study on the impact a gender quota can have as a catalyst for more progressive and inclusive governance.

14 May 2014

The International Foundation for Electoral Systems’ (IFES) briefing paper Egypt’s 2014 Presidential Election Law provides expert insight into the legal framework that governs Egypt's upcoming presidential poll on May 26-27.

25 Apr 2014

In March 2014, IFES analyzed the gender composition of election management bodies at the municipal and precinct level during the 2013 Local Government Elections in Kosovo. Data was collected from the staffing lists for Municipal Election Commissions (MECs), Polling Station Commissions (PSCs), and Polling Center Managers (PCMs) held by the Central Election Commission (CEC).

14 Mar 2014

Voting is becoming more accessible for voters with disabilities in the Philippines through the project for Ensuring Accessibility of Schools in Elections (EASE).