16 Nov 2012

On November 18, 2012, Hondurans will elect candidates from three major parties – the Liberal Party, the National Party and the Liberty and Refoundation Party – to compete in next year’s general elections for the presidency and vice presidency, and open seats in the Central American Parliament, National Congress, and municipal councils.

15 Nov 2012

In Ukraine, the current procedure for holding national and local referendums is governed by the 1991 Law on National and Local Referendums.

14 Nov 2012

The November 17 elections in Sierra Leone will be the first since the end of the civil war in 2002 that the National Electoral Commission has taken a primary role in organizing and executing.

23 Oct 2012

A toolkit to create and disseminate reports on the status of women in the Middle East and North Africa is now available.

Using Research on the Status of Women to Improve Public Policies in the Middle East and North Africa allows women’s organizations based in the region to compile research-based reports to:





16 Oct 2012

IFES conducted a pre-election technical assessment in Ukraine which analyzed legal, technical and procedural aspects of the election process.

4 Oct 2012

Venezuela's October 7 presidential election will see President Hugo Rafael Chávez Frias – who has survived a short-lived coup d'état, general labor strikes and resilient, albeit splintered, domestic and foreign opposition – contest for his seat against six other candidates, including his chief contender, Governor Henrique Capriles Radonski.

27 Sep 2012

Georgians head to the polls on October 1, 2012, to elect 150 representatives to their parliament. Elected parliamentarians will enjoy increased powers due to new constitutional amendments that will come into force two-months after the next presidential election, scheduled for October 2013.

29 Aug 2012

Angola’s upcoming presidential and National Assembly elections, scheduled for August 31, will be the first peacetime presidential election in Angola’s history, and the first election since the country’s new constitution was written in 2010.

21 Aug 2012

From June 18–21, 2012, IFES worked with the Institute of Social Studies and Analysis (ISSA), a Tbilisi–based research organization, to conduct eight focus groups across Georgia to better understand the perceptions, opinions and perceived obstacles women face as political candidates and elected officials.

9 Aug 2012

Elections in Egypt: Implications of Recent Court Decisions on the Electoral Framework examines the legal challenges against the electoral systems used in the recent elections, the impact of decisions made by the Supreme Constitutional Court and what the future electoral framework might look like. Below is an excerpt of the paper.