27 Feb 2012

In Tunisia, the difficulties the Independent Higher Authority of the Election, known by its French acronym ISIE, and other stakeholders experienced in enforcing campaign finance regulations were aggravated by both a lack of expertise and the shortcomings of the Decree law No 35 on elections to the National Constituent Assembly (NCA).

21 Feb 2012

Senegal’s upcoming presidential election, scheduled for February 26, will test the independence of the country’s electoral management bodies and its judiciary. As a model of democracy for other countries in West Africa, Senegal will be closely watched during its presidential election this Sunday.

17 Feb 2012

After President Ali Abdullah Saleh signed the Gulf Cooperation Council Initiative formalizing his intent to step down, Yemen scheduled early presidential elections for February 21.

13 Dec 2011

Women around the world are playing increasingly visible roles in the political processes of their countries, yet a major impediment to the full participation of women is electoral violence—both used against and perpetuated by them.

8 Dec 2011

On Sunday, December 11, Ivorians will be voting in the first legislative elections held in more than a decade. These elections are a crucial step in the country's path towards peace and stability, given the political volatility experienced after last year's presidential elections.

23 Nov 2011

On November 28, 2011, voters in the Democratic Republic of the Congo will go to the polls to vote for the country’s next president and legislative representatives in the Congolese National Assembly.

4 Nov 2011

On November 8, Liberians will vote in the second round of the presidential elections. This will be the third election held in Liberia this year.

These frequently asked questions (FAQs) address the upcoming presidential run-off election, general elections that took place in October and the overall structure of Liberia’s electoral system.

2 Nov 2011

These frequently asked questions (FAQs) provide insight into issues related to the upcoming election, including:

19 Oct 2011

On 23 October, Tunisians head to the polls for the first time since President Ben Ali's government was toppled. 

IFES released an updated and expanded list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the October 23 election for a National Constituent Assembly, the body charged with writing a constitution in one year.