Election Day Observations Interim Parliamentary Elections in Kazakhstan, 22 January 1995

Publication Date: 
31 Jan 1995

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On 22 January 1995, interim parliamentary elections were held in four districts in Kazakhstan. Elections in these districts were held to fill vacancies created by resignations, deaths, and members being appointed to other government positions. The US Embassy determined that it was important to locate and train people in country to serve as official observers. These observers were to be deployed to at least two of the four districts, where the possibility of vote fraud and voter intimidation had been raised. Eleven Americans were identified for the observer mission. IFES Central Asian Regional Manager Gwenn Hofmann trained the group for their election day missions and served as an observer in the Almaty District.

In three of the four districts, eleven observers were sent in teams of two to meet with election officials and observe balloting. They were instructed to report any violations, misconduct, and/or complaints to the US Embassy. Districts canvassed by the observer teams included Almaty District, Semipalatinsk, and Cimkent.  


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