The IFES Annual Report 2009

IFES’ 2009 Annual Report covers an extensive interview with our President and CEO Bill Sweeney regarding his first year in office and his commitment to an electoral process built and conducted with integrity. We also cover our field highlights from Afghanistan to Burundi to the Philippines to Haiti. We share with you our current research project on the status of women in Yemen, Jordan and Morocco, introduce you to our first Baxter Award recipient and our 2009 Photography Contest winners. In addition, you will also find our publications, listing of experts, fellowship opportunities and those staff members who we hold in our memories.  

In our pursuit to assist countries for the best form of a democratic governing system in which each individual can cast a vote freely, we leave you with a quote from American journalist Sydney J. Harris, “Democracy is the only system that persists in asking the powers that be whether they are the powers that ought to be.”

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Executive Message
President/CEO Interview
2009 Democratic Milestone
Middle East and North Africa
Applied Research
Online Publications
IFES Democracy Fellowship
2009 Joe C. Baxter Award
In Memory Of