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From Afghanistan to Zambia, the International Foundations for Electoral Systems (IFES) provides informative Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on elections. IFES’ FAQs cover a range of important questions – detailing everything from Election Day procedures to electoral legal frameworks to provisions to provide access for persons with disabilities – offering comprehensive primers of important electoral processes.

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12 Oct 2016 | Election FAQs
On October 16, Montenegrins will elect 81 Members of Parliament in a single nationwide constituency for a four-year term under a proportional representation system with closed lists.
5 Oct 2016 | Election FAQs
On October 8, Georgians will elect Representatives to the 150-member Parliament of Georgia (Sakartvelos Parlamenti) through a mixed parallel electoral system. Seventy-seven members will be elected...
4 Oct 2016 | Election FAQs
Parliamentary elections will be held in Morocco on October 7. They will be the second set of legislative elections after the constitutional reform initiated by King Mohamed VI passed through a...
19 Sep 2016 | Election FAQs
In 2016, Jordan changed its Elections Law to put in place a new electoral system for parliamentary elections, implementing an open-list proportional system for each of the multimember electoral...
18 Sep 2016 | Election FAQs
On September 18, Russian voters will elect 450 Deputies to the Russian Federation State Duma (lower house of Parliament). These elections will be held under a new electoral system. 
10 Aug 2016 | Election FAQs
On August 11, Zambians will go to the polls to elect a President, National Assembly, Mayors, Chairpersons, and Councillors, as well as vote on a referendum to make changes to the constitution.
4 Aug 2016 | Election FAQs
On August 7, Thai citizens will vote on a new constitution and a proposal allowing an appointed 250-member Senate to join the House of Representatives in selecting a Prime Minister. In May 2014,...
20 May 2016 | Election FAQs
On May 22, Burkinabe voters will elect Municipal Councilors, who will in turn elect their Mayors and Deputy Mayors. In total, 19,624 seats will be contested in 9,299 electoral districts.
17 May 2016 | Election FAQs
On May 22, 2016, Tajikistan will hold a nationwide referendum on changing its constitution to remove term limits for the current President, lower the minimum age a candidate can be elected President...
13 May 2016 | Election FAQs
On May 15, Dominicans will head to the polls to elect their next President and Vice President; 32 Senators and 190 members of the Chamber of Deputies; 20 Representatives to the Central American...
22 Apr 2016 | Election FAQs
Serbia was scheduled to hold parliamentary elections in March 2018. However, on January 17 Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić called for snap parliamentary elections on April 24 in preparation for...
18 Mar 2016 | Election FAQs
Kazakhstan's parliamentary elections were originally slated for late 2016, when the lower house’s five-year term was set to expire. However, following a parliamentary initiative, Kazakhstan’s...