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The International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) has a diverse collection of election materials from around the world. Our collection contains thousands of key electoral documents – including ballots, country reports, electoral codes, civic education posters and more – that IFES has produced or collected over the years, capturing our ongoing work as well as historic moments in democracy-building. To keep the collection dynamic and updated, IFES continually adds new materials, aided by its program staff and local partners around the world.

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13 Sep 1969 | Election Material
Sample ballot for the Canadian General Election held on 14 September 1969. The sample ballot was for the electoral district of Grandview, Ontario.
9 May 1969 | Election Material
Zambia Electoral Law
10 May 1968 | Election Material
Legislative Assembly Elections Regulations 1968
22 Feb 1968 | Election Material
Law on National and Communal Elections - Monaco
20 Feb 1968 | Election Material
The Constitution of Bermuda as adopted in 1968.
24 Aug 1967 | Election Material
Constitution of The Republic of Paraguay, as approved in 1967.
29 Apr 1967 | Election Material
Law on State Authorities (Organisationsgesetz)
31 Dec 1966 | Election Material
Legislacion Electoral Del Peru
29 Apr 1965 | Election Material
Law on Political Parties, Public Associations and Demonstration
25 Dec 1963 | Election Material
Electoral Code - Mali
18 Dec 1963 | Election Material
Electoral Analysis
11 Apr 1962 | Election Material
Electoral Provisions - Sierra Leone