The International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) has a unique offering of multimedia products – such as Election Day photo galleries, podcasts featuring IFES experts and videos of IFES events – highlighting our work around the world to support citizens’ right to have a say in how they are governed.

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23 Mar 2008 | Multimedia
Hundreds of Nepali actors are performing a special drama throughout the country to teach voters about the Constituent Assembly elections in April. The performances are the brainchild of IFES and...
21 Mar 2008 | Multimedia
In this skit, everyone fights with each other for a chance to be heard.
25 Feb 2008 | Multimedia
Pakistani voters gave opposition parties a governing majority in parliament February 18. IFES advised the Pakistan Election Commission in the lead up to the vote.
31 Jan 2008 | Multimedia
IFES works with Armenia’s disabilities community to inform the general public of the obstacles voters with disabilities face as this video clip illustrates.
8 Jan 2008 | Multimedia
IFES is assisting Sierra Leonean election officials as they register candidates, educate voters and introduce new political finance regulations.
4 Jan 2008 | Multimedia
Deadly riots gripped Kenya following disputed presidential elections December 27. However, voting day was relatively peaceful, with problems surfacing during the vote tallying process.
2 Dec 2007 | Multimedia
IFES organized a massive public information campaign to educate Kosovo voters about recent changes to their electoral system and voting procedures. On election day, voters cast their ballots in less...
26 Nov 2007 | Multimedia
Police in a northern Nigerian state say at least six people are dead after youth from rival political parties clashed over local election results. IFES observed the November 17 elections in Kano, one...
1 Nov 2007 | Multimedia
Motorists in Jaipur, India received more than petrol when they visited Indian Oil Company stations in late October. IFES, the oil company and local nongovernmental organizations sponsored a campaign...
31 Oct 2007 | Multimedia
IFES is working with civil society organizations in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Burundi on two new anti-corruption projects. The projects train civil society groups and government...
12 Oct 2007 | Multimedia
IFES celebrated its 20th anniversary by honoring two 'champions of democracy.'
15 Aug 2007 | Multimedia
Presidential and Parliamentary Elections were held in Sierra Leone on August 11, 2007. National and International Election Observers were present to monitor the vote for free and fair results....