Recommendation on the Ruling of Election Campaign Financing of Candidates and Political Parties

Publication Date: 
4 Mar 2001

Election Material Type:


(under development process)

1.      The General Assembly of the Association of Central and Eastern European Election Officials (ACEEEO) calls its Member States to take appropriate measures to promote equal opportunities for all candidates and political parties during the election campaigns. For this reason precise regulation shall cover the funding of political parties and campaign spending of candidates and political parties.

2.      The funding of political parties shall be transparent and their income shall be made public. With the purpose of eliminating or limiting the possibility of non-desired influence by certain donators on political parties

a)      The circle of potential donators shall be determined and certain groups (e.g. foreign persons and legal entities, public offices, unidentifiable donors) can be excluded from offering donation,

b)     The possible amount of donation offered by one person or legal entity shall be limited,

c)     The identity of donators whose donation exceed a certain limit shall be made open to the public,

d)     Political parties and candidates may receive subsidies from the state budget in a non-discriminatory, proportional manner. State subsidies can be either direct or indirect (e.g. tax benefits for the donators).

3.      The allowed campaign expenditure of candidates and political parties shall be limited. The expenditure of candidates and political parties shall be transparent and made public.

4.      Governor parties shall be prohibited from misusing of state property and resources.

5.      The observance of the rules on party funding and campaign financing shall be ensured by efficient state control through appropriate procedural rules and institutional frames. Irregularities and infringements of the above mentioned rules should be sanctioned by law.

6.      ACEEEO shall make further researches on the theoretical and practical field of campaign finance with the intention of providing its Members with utilizable experiences.

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