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The International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) has a diverse collection of election materials from around the world. Our collection contains thousands of key electoral documents – including ballots, country reports, electoral codes, civic education posters and more – that IFES has produced or collected over the years, capturing our ongoing work as well as historic moments in democracy-building. No new materials have been added since 2013, and the collection is maintained for archival purposes.

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22 Apr 1935 | Election Material
Constitution of The Republic of Poland, as enacted in 1935.
3 Mar 1927 | Election Material
Amendments to the Jones-Shaforth Act origanally passed by the United States Congress in March 1917.
1 Mar 1917 | Election Material
Constitution of The Associated Free State of Puerto Rico, as passed in March 1917.
28 Feb 1917 | Election Material
The Jones-Shaforth Act passed by the United States Congress on 2 March 1917 to grant US citizenship to residents of Puerto Rico, establish the Senate of Puerto Rico, establish a bill of rights, and...
11 Apr 1900 | Election Material
The Foraker Act of 1900 passed by the United States Congress that established limited popular government in Puerto Rico.
General election ballot from the United States election held on 6 November 1984. This ballot includes the instructions for voting in statewide and county-wide polls in Morton County, North Dakota.
Ballot used in the National Congress election held on 31 May 1998. Elections to the National Congress are done through proportional representation. The main parties in the election were the Christian...
Ballot used for municipal councilor elections in Guayaquil, Ecuador on 31 May 1998. This ballot lists individual candidates for the seats, organized by the party that they represent.