Europe and Eurasia

Countries in Europe and Eurasia are facing renewed threats against democracy and collective security, with regional aggression and malign influence posing risks to democratic processes and raising questions of geopolitical orientation. Across Europe and Eurasia, IFES applies its technical expertise in an effort to advance good governance, electoral integrity, democratic rights and citizen engagement. Through these initiatives and with the support of our partners, IFES seeks to build democracies that deliver for all.

Democracy in Europe and Eurasia has been facing headwinds in recent years due to malign foreign interference and the rise of populism. Increasing foreign and domestic influence through electronic means and messages have contributed to democratic backsliding across the region. Conflict, both potential and ongoing, poses a grave threat to democratic processes, good governance and rights of underserved populations. Over time, a new generation of young voters and activists are demanding their voices be heard as engaged voters, election officials, civic leaders and community advocates. Local civil society organizations and media are increasingly adept at navigating challenges to free speech and are mobilizing citizens across the political spectrum to choose democracy over polarization and majoritarian rule.

To address these regional challenges and capitalize on opportunities for progress, IFES engages with election management bodies, state institutions, civil society and other key stakeholders across Europe and Eurasia to strengthen democratic resilience in response to persistent and emerging challenges to democratic governance. IFES’ programming in the region provides innovative, cutting-edge approaches to further democratic principles, mobilize inclusive citizen engagement, advance the rule of law and fight corruption. Amidst growing democratic backsliding and malign interference, IFES’ assistance is targeted, non-partisan and contextualized, allowing all citizens to meaningfully participate in governance processes.

IFES’ programming in Europe and Eurasia has also increasingly highlighted cybersecurity and combatting mis- and disinformation. These innovations, such as IFES’ Cyber-Hygiene Awareness course first implemented in Ukraine in 2018, have since been expanded across the region and globally. As an organization with decades of experience building credible, effective democracies in Europe and Eurasia, IFES strives to build upon its long-standing successes and respond to new challenges in the region.

We invite you to visit the country webpages and related resources to learn more about IFES’ activities in Europe and Eurasia. Please follow @IFES_Europe on Twitter.

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