Public Opinion Survey in Ukraine: Two Years after Maidan, Ukrainians Still Committed to Democracy and Integration with Europe

Event Date:

09 Oct 2015 at 12:00pm
HC-8 in the Capitol Visitor's Center

Since the Maidan revolution in the fall of 2013, Ukrainians have continued to call for political, economic, and social change. The demands of Ukrainian citizens reflect their desire for a liberal political order that values closer relations with Europe, public affairs conducted with integrity, and democracy and rule of law in the country. Ukraine is now at a crossroads, with the momentum that led to political change quickly dissipating and citizens expecting political leaders and institutions to realize unmet aspirations.

The International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) conducted its 25th annual public opinion survey in Ukraine between September 12 and 26 in all oblasts of Ukraine outside Crimea and Donbas, covering views on democracy, government institutions and leaders, current events, foreign policy, and upcoming October 25 local elections.

Please join us for an engaging discussion of IFES’ latest public opinion survey in Ukraine and the path ahead for Ukraine at this critical juncture.

Featured Speakers

  • E. Wayne Merry, Senior Fellow for Europe & Eurasia, American Foreign Policy Council
  • Rakesh Sharma, Director, Monitoring & Evaluation and Survey Research, IFES

With opening remarks by IFES President and CEO Bill Sweeney.

Since 1994, IFES has played a significant role in promoting electoral, administrative and legal reform in Ukraine. Together with the Central Election Commission (CEC) and non-governmental partners, IFES has contributed to dialogue on electoral reform, raised the capacities of local civic groups and institutionalized best practices in training election commission members. Analysis and commentary prepared by IFES and its civil society partners serve as a source of election-related information for national and international stakeholders.

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