Indonesia’s upcoming 2024 general elections will present an opportunity to elect new leadership as President Joko Widodo completes his final term. It also presents a significant logistical feat for Indonesia’s election management bodies, who estimate it will require 25 months of preparation and considerable human resources. For the upcoming election, IFES will continue to support electoral legal reform; improve election operations and cybersecurity; bolster efforts to combat disinformation and incitement to violence; and promote the inclusion of women, youth and persons with disabilities in the electoral process. Through its long-standing commitment to Indonesian experts and institutions, IFES has helped build strong partnerships within the community working on democratic governance and facilitated unprecedented levels of collaboration between democratic stakeholders and civil society.

Since 1998, over the last five national election cycles, IFES has supported Indonesia’s electoral institutions, civil society and other stakeholders across the full range of electoral disciplines, including election system design, results mechanisms, electoral dispute resolution, voter registration and voter education. IFES has also addressed persisting and emerging challenges to democracy, such as threats to cybersecurity, political finance, advancing women’s leadership and disinformation and incitement to inter-group violence. 


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