11 May 2020

Democracies thrive on assembly, transparency and confidence in elections and government institutions—all of which are put at risk by the COVID-19 pandemic. The global health crisis erupted during an already troubling global decline in democracy.

21 Mar 2013

Money in politics, or political finance, is linked to key aspects of any modern society. Management of political finance is necessary for credible and genuine elections and electoral campaigns because it has the potential to skew competition between contestants. Proper management ensures the country is governed effectively; however, corruption can easily damage good governance.

16 Sep 2002

The "Bill of Electoral Rights for Citizens with Disabilities" calls on states to meet their obligation to take effective measures to ensure that all citizens with disabilities are able to exercise their universal right to participate fully and on equal terms in electoral processes.

31 Dec 1999
31 Dec 1999

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