6 Jun 2014

On June 15, Georgians will go to the polls to vote for their municipal government representatives. Across the country, citizens will elect 2,088 council members to 71 local councils (called sakrebulos), 12 mayors of self-governed cities and 59 chief executives (called gamgebelis) of local self-government municipalities.

4 Jun 2014

On June 8, Kosovars will go to the polls to vote for their representatives in the Assembly of Kosovo. While the parliamentary election was initially planned for later in the year, the 120-member body voted to dissolve on May 7 and snap elections were called for June 8.

23 May 2014

Colombians will cast their ballots to elect a President and Vice President on Sunday, May 25. The National Electoral Council is responsible for the general oversight and conduct of these polls, for which there are nearly 33 million eligible voters.

20 May 2014


    IFES' briefing paper on Egypt’s 2014 Presidential Election Law and FAQs about Elections in Egypt: 2014 Presidential Election.
19 May 2014


    Watch the election observation video produced by IFES and the Central Election Commission on Election Day procedures.
14 May 2014

The International Foundation for Electoral Systems’ (IFES) briefing paper Egypt’s 2014 Presidential Election Law provides expert insight into the legal framework that governs Egypt's upcoming presidential poll on May 26-27.

30 Apr 2014

On May 4, Panamanians will elect a President, Vice President, Deputies to the Central American Parliament, Deputies to the National Assembly, Mayors, District Representatives, and Councilors.

The Electoral Tribunal set up 2,700 polling centers and 6,630 polling stations for these general elections, with out-of-country voting managed by Internet and regular mail.

25 Apr 2014

In March 2014, IFES analyzed the gender composition of election management bodies at the municipal and precinct level during the 2013 Local Government Elections in Kosovo. Data was collected from the staffing lists for Municipal Election Commissions (MECs), Polling Station Commissions (PSCs), and Polling Center Managers (PCMs) held by the Central Election Commission (CEC).

10 Apr 2014

Despite the ongoing and increasing violence over the last months, Iraqi citizens will elect members of the Council of Representatives (CoR) on April 30. The members of the CoR will then elect the Iraqi President and Prime Minister.

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