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25 Jan 2010
IFES assisted Kosovo's Central Election Commission (CEC) with a broad set of election assistance programming for Kosovo's first independent election on November 15, 2009.
18 Dec 2009
IFES participated in the Colloquium on African Elections: Best Practices and Cross-Sectoral Collaboration, which brought together pivotal election stakeholders from across the continent to assess recent African elections and develop recommendations for raising the standards for future polls.
7 Dec 2009
Democracy Summer Camp (Tajikistan)
6 Nov 2009
In support of Aceh's Independent Election Commission's (KIP) media center activities, IFES-Indonesia commissioned a photo competition to highlight some of the remarkable moments seen during the first elections where Acehnese political parties participated alongside national parties in local legislative elections. These elections were held in April 2009.
13 Oct 2009

Following the presidential and legislative elections held in May, the Philippines will hold local elections on October 25, 2010. In these elections, Filipinos will vote for Barangay (village) and SK (youth council) representatives. Registration for these elections took place in August throughout the country.

19 Aug 2009
Dr. Abdel Monem Said Aly, Chairman of the Board of Al Ahram Foundation, spoke at IFES about the process of democratization in Egypt. Dr. Said, a prominent figure in Egyptian politics and media, talked about the different models of democratization, the milestones that must be met on the road to being a full-fledged democracy, and the relationship between market economies and democracy. Dr.
10 Jun 2009
Since 2005, IFES has been working in Lebanon to support the electoral reform process. IFES staff members in Lebanon and others visiting from headquarters in Washington, DC, photograph election day.
8 Jun 2009
IFES staff members capture images from the highly anticipated Lebanese parliamentary elections. Unexpectedly, the March 14th parliamentary block, not Hezbollah's coalition, won the majority of the seats.
2 Jun 2009
On May 18 – 19, 2009, IFES and International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance co-hosted a working group of political finance and BRIDGE experts to begin the development process for a new BRIDGE module on political finance. BRIDGE is a comprehensive curriculum on electoral processes. The gathering was held in Stockholm.
8 May 2009
India, which proudly calls itself the world's largest democracy, goes to the polls in phases. On May 7, 2009, the 4th of 5 phases took place. This phase involved 95 million voters, 130,000 polling stations, 1315 candidates and 600,000 poll workers. Unlike some states which partake in multiple phases, all of Rajasthan voted during phase IV.

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