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4 May 2009
Ched Flego, IFES chief of party in Armenia and acting chief of party in Georgia, visits the site of the protests against Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili. The protesters, who are demanding his resignation, have set camp in the center of Tiblisi.
20 Apr 2009
The 2009 IFES photo competition winners and runners-up.
11 Feb 2009
IFES and the Carter Center hosted a groundbreaking two-day conference on international campaign finance observation.
24 Jan 2009
The Women's Department within Yemen's Supreme Commission for Elections and Referendum (SCER) was established in 2005 to encourage access for women to all stages of the electoral process. IFES-Yemen is helping to strengthen the capacity of the SCER Women’s Department, the first of its kind in the region, to achieve its mandate by providing training workshops.
21 Jan 2009
IFES presents the report Implementation of the Electoral Reform 2007/2008 from an International Comparative Perspective to the IFE, Mexico's electoral institute, and national and international media.
21 Jan 2009
Carlos Hinojosa, IFES-Americas Country Manager, participates in the OAS mission while in Ecuador to promote IFES' project for equitable participation of Afro-Ecuadorians in the political process.
18 Dec 2008
Experts discuss effects of authoritarian regimes in democracy promotion
25 Nov 2008
Representing more than 40 countries top election officials explore key election issues and democracy-development challenges.
20 Oct 2008
Beginning with anger and an unsettled crowd, Angola's electoral process and elections were proved to be conducted with integrity and peace. (Pictures are around the city of Luanda)
11 Jul 2008
The Nepalese people cast their ballots for its new Constituent Assembly after years of turmoil.

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