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20 Feb 2014

On February 2, 2014, the world watched Thailand’s general election unfold within a tenuous political environment. One-tenth of polling stations throughout Thailand were closed on Election Day, and 28 of 375 constituencies had no candidates due to anti-election demonstrations.


20 Feb 2014

An informed citizenry is crucial for a vibrant and responsive democracy. IFES engages in a variety of civic education activities, including informing voters of their rights and responsibilities and empowering them to have a voice in the way they are governed.

15 Jan 2014

Yusdiana, IFES’ and Indonesia Disabled People's Association's  Senior Disability Rights Adviser, used her experience, intelligence and optimism to advance the inclusion of persons with disabilities in Southeast Asia’s political process. She passed away from surgery complications on December 28, 2013. This photo gallery captures her advocacy efforts and humanitarian spirit.

18 Dec 2013

For many around the world, casting a ballot is taken for granted. However, when elections are inaccessible, citizens with disabilities might be left out. To increase voting accessibility for persons with disabilities – awareness-raising, advocacy and training are key.

21 Nov 2013

On October 27, 2013, Georgia held presidential elections. These polls were peaceful and the results were largely accepted. This vote also resulted in the nation's second consecutive peaceful transfer of power through the ballot box, marking a historic day for all Georgians and an important step in the nation’s democratic development.

16 Oct 2013

IFES hosts an annual Photo Contest to showcase photos of elections and democracy from around the world. This gallery features a small sampling of the winners and finalists from this year's contest.

27 Sep 2013

IFES marked its’ annual Charles T. Manatt Democracy Awards with a gala dinner ceremony at the Grand Hyatt Washington in Washington, D.C., on September 24. This award underscores IFES’ belief that advancing good governance and democratic rights begins with empowerment of and active participation from citizens.

19 Sep 2013

Charles T. Manatt Democracy Awards recognize the exceptional work of individuals who demonstrate a commitment to freedom and democracy. IFES presents the award annually to three individuals who exhibit the dedication to democracy and human rights embodied by the award's namesake, former IFES Board of Directors Chairman Charles T. Manatt.

12 Aug 2013

Today’s youth are tomorrow’s leaders. In many countries, young people have already started to step into leadership roles. IFES engages the world’s young people in a variety of activities that educate them about their rights and responsibilities. This level of involvement empowers and prepares the next generation of leaders to have a voice in the way they are governed.

17 Jul 2013

Election management bodies around the world consider new technologies when developing electoral processes. These technologies range from basic items to more sophisticated data processing tools, such as optical scanning and biometric identification.

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