19 Sep 2011

Charles T. Manatt (1936-2011), Chairman of IFES’ Board of Directors from 1993 to 1999 and Chairman Emeritus thereafter, was an early supporter of the democracy building movement and instrumental in the establishment of the organization.

15 Sep 2011

Judge Johann Kriegler of South Africa accepts the 2011 Charles T. Manatt Democracy Award from IFES on Sept. 15.

22 Jul 2011

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Washington Post Foreign Correspondent Pamela Constable and IFES President and CEO Bill Sweeney talk about Constable’s new book on Pakistan and where the country stands on its mission to be a Muslim democracy.

23 Jun 2011
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As Africa continues to move away from military and dictatorial rule, also known as “the strong man syndrome,” electoral competition in the various African countries will continue to present serious challenges, including violence.

13 Oct 2010

IFES has released its 18th national survey on Ukrainian political attitudes. The latest survey sheds light into what Ukrainians think about the overall state of the country.

4 Aug 2010

In this two-minute video, Bill Sweeney, IFES president and CEO, gives a quick overview of IFES and the work we do.