Building Tomorrow: Fostering Citizenship and Democracy through Service Learning


27 Aug 2014

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Join IFES in a panel discussion on the role of service learning in the development of active citizens.

While casting a ballot is an important act in a democratic society, a healthy and stable democracy requires more than just voters. Truly active citizens are knowledgeable about problems and opportunities within their communities and equipped to take on those challenges. It is particularly important to cultivate these skills in the newest generation of active and engaged leaders. Programs to help young people build academic skills and foster civic responsibility can take place in a variety of settings, including the classroom, community organizations, and clubs.

Service learning is a unique approach to civic education for young people, incorporating both community service and academic learning objectives. This model is designed to enhance the learning process for the student, instill civic responsibility by providing an avenue for meaningful engagement, and strengthen communities. As a result, both the young person and the community benefit from the experience.

Featured speakers:

Susan Stroud, Executive Director, Innovations in Civic Participation

Karen Scheuerer, Youth and Volunteerism Specialist, Peace Corps Office of Overseas Programming and Training Support

Maegan Shanks, M.A. candidate, Gallaudet University

Moderated by Augusta Featherston, IFES Youth Advisor, Regional Program Officer, Center for Applied Research and Learning

Documents associated with the event can be found here:
Innovations in Civic Participation one-pager
Youth as Resources - 2013 Peace Corps info brief
V2 Volunteerism - 2013 Peace Corps info brief