Dialogues on Democracy: The Role of Technology in Elections with Peter Erben


14 Nov 2017

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In this edition of the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) “Dialogues on Democracy,” Editorial and Communications Manager Adam Gallagher and Senior Global Electoral Adviser and Ukraine Country Director Peter Erben discuss the role of technology in elections. Erben is one of few international experts ever called upon to direct national elections for other nations. He was the chief electoral officer of Afghanistan during its 2005 parliamentary and provincial council elections and directed out-of-country elections for Afghanistan’s 2004 presidential elections and the 2005 Iraqi parliamentary elections. He is a self-described technology geek.

From the United States to Kenya, election technology has received significant scrutiny in recent years, both its possibilities and pitfalls. For Erben, traditional thinking and approaches are fundamental to the successful and gradual implementation of election technologies. He also discusses some of the myths and misconceptions about the role of technology in elections and IFES’ approach to introducing new technology. 

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