Fostering Democracy Through Education


30 Jan 2014

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Democracies, new and mature alike, require active participation by the citizenry in order to thrive. This participation is only possible when citizens are educated about their rights and encouraged to exercise them by strong institutions.


The recently published Best Practices Manual on Democracy Education by the Council for a Community of Democracies provides a myriad of examples and case studies of democracy education programs for countries at all stages of development and transition.


IFES hosted this event featuring two of the manual's authors as well as other democracy-promotion experts for a conversation on how best to empower citizens to become informed and take part in their government.


Featured Speakers:


Lee Arbetman, Executive Director, Street Law, Inc. 
Download Arbetman's PowerPoint presentation

Augusta Featherston, Regional Program Officer, Europe and Asia, and Youth Adviser, IFES

Matthew Hiebert, Curriculum Specialist
Education for Democracy: A Guidebook for Educators
Education for Democracy: A Framework for Democratizing Teaching and Learning Executive Summary

Education for Democracy: A Framework for Democratizing Teaching and Learning
Developing a Curriculum for Democracy In and Through Education

Romina Kasman, Coordinator, Inter-American Program on Education for Democratic Values and Practices, Organization of American States
Portfolio: The Use of the Arts and Communications Media in Promoting Education for Democratic Citizenship
Education and Critical Thinking for the Construction of Citizenship: An Investment toward Strengthening Democracy in the Americas

Government and Civil Society Cooperation on  Civic Education Policy: Experiences in the Americas
Evaluation of Policies, Programs and Initiatives in the Field of Education for Democratic Citizenship


The event was moderated by Robert LaGamma, President, Council for a Community of Democracies.