IFES PSA on Ensuring the Electoral Rights of Internally Displaced Persons in Ukraine

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5 Apr 2017

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Today, millions of Ukrainians who are displaced by conflict or are voluntarily residing in places that differ from their registered places of residence face significant barriers to participating in elections. This stems from an antiquated, and overly burdensome voter registration system which creates obstacles for Ukraine’s “mobile” communities, and prevents internally displaced persons (IDPs) from voting in local elections and in parliamentary majoritarian elections.

The International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES), through the support of the United Kingdom (UK) government, facilitated a range of activities designed to give voice to Ukraine’s IDPs and to strengthen their ability to communicate their aspirations and desires at the national level. This culminated in the registration of draft law No. 6240 on Amendments to Certain Laws of Ukraine Related to Electoral Rights of Internally Displaced Persons and Other “Mobile” Groups of Ukrainian Citizens. The draft law, if adopted, would eliminate restrictive barriers to IDP enfranchisement in Ukraine, and guarantee full voting rights for a large segment of Ukraine’s electorate, including IDPs and internal economic migrants.

IFES’ video on “Ensuring the Electoral Rights of Internally Displaced Persons in Ukraine” was developed, parallel to a nationwide, IFES-led outreach campaign, to raise awareness on and promote the electoral rights of IDPs in Ukraine. It includes interviews with IDP civic activists, and an overview of good practice and international standards with regard to IDPs and electoral participation, stemming from IFES’ white paper on the topic. The video is available in Ukrainian with Ukrainian and English subtitles on the IFES Ukraine YouTube channel.

This initiative is part of an ongoing, united effort to strengthen democratic progress in Ukraine, supported by the United States Agency for International Development, Global Affairs Canada, and the UK government.

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