Indonesia’s April 2014 Legislative Elections


24 Apr 2014

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On April 9th, the world's fourth most populous nation held its fourth legislative elections since returning to democracy in 1999. Indonesia's colorful elections are the largest and most complex single day election event in the world.  More than 70 percent of the 187 million registered voters cast more than half a billion ballots in nearly half a million polling stations on more than 8,000 inhabited islands. Balloting started after dawn and election officials had completed the counting process at the polling station level long before dusk, but the lengthy aggregation process means that official results will not be known until more than a month after the elections, providing a tense period for more than 200,000 candidates as fewer than ten percent of them will win.


For more information on the Indonesian election, visit the Indonesia Election Portal and read IFES’ FAQs.

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