In Post-Election Georgia, A New Outlook for Women


11 Nov 2013

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Georgia's October 2013 presidential election resulted in the nation's second consecutive peaceful transfer of power through the ballot box. Although women have made strides in political participation during the last decade, they continue to face obstacles in establishing themselves as elected leaders at local and national levels.



What prospects do women – particularly those who have reached the legal voting age during the last decade – have in today's Georgia? What does the next generation believe are the key gender-related issues facing the nation?



Watch our panel discussion about the current and future state of women's empowerment in Georgia.



Featured Speakers:



Ketevan Murusidze, Delegate of Generation for Peace in Georgia, IFES civic education course alum



Nino Pateishvili, Chair of the NGO "Unity of Purpose," Member of the Gender Equality Network



Anthony Bowyer, Senior Program Manager, Caucasus and Central Asia, IFES


Opening remarks by Jessica Huber, IFES Senior Gender Specialist



The event was moderated by IFES Vice President of Programs Michael Svetlik.


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