Protecting the Right to Vote: Trends in Electoral Integrity


5 Jun 2013

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Election administrators and other stakeholders in the election process have important roles to play in ensuring a credible vote. When elections are poorly planned or riddled with fraud, however, the results can be dire: chaotic polling, stolen seats and even widespread violence.

In this IFES panel, speakers will consider new approaches for supporting the integrity of elections and combating fraud, including an innovative assessment methodology used recently in Afghanistan. A range of questions will be considered, including:

  • How does the language we use impact the way we think about “credible” elections?
  • Does the narrow focus on fraud in media and election observation reports undermine the legitimacy of elections?
  • What can the insurance industry and public sector agencies teach us about preventing fraud in elections?
  • What are the emerging trends in this field among academics and election practitioners?


Featured speakers:

Staffan Darnolf, IFES Senior Global Electoral Adviser and Commissioner on the United Nations Joint Election Management Body for the 2005 Afghanistan elections

Jørgen Elklit, Professor, Department of Political Science and Government, Aarhus University, Denmark and Secretary to the Independent Review Commission (Kriegler Commission) for the 2007 Kenyan elections

Erica Shein, IFES Senior Research and Development Officer for Europe and Asia and Co-Author of the IFES Electoral Integrity Assessment Methodology

Chad Vickery, IFES Regional Director for Europe and Asia, Editor of Guidelines for Understanding, Adjudicating, and Resolving Disputes in Elections and Co-Author of the IFES Electoral Integrity Assessment Methodology