Training Nigerian Poll Workers on Smart Card Readers


An assistant presiding officer collects a citizen's permanent voter's card during a training video.


27 Feb 2019

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The International Foundation for Electoral Systems’ “Support for Electoral Reforms Project” produced two smart card reader training videos for poll workers in Nigeria – one on the process of verifiying and authenticating voters and another on the process of e-transmission of results. The videos were used to refresh poll workers during trainings prior to the opening of polls for the presidential and National Assembly elections on February 23. They will also be used for the gubernatorial and State Assembly elections taking place on March 9, as well as all subsequent off-cycle elections occurring in 2019. They were developed in response to the identified needs of the Independent National Electoral Commission and with support from the United States Agency for International Development and UK aid.

Use of the Smart Card Reader for Verification and Authentication of Voters (Refresher Training Video)

 E-Transmission of Result at the Polling Unit (Refresher Training Video)

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