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31 Jul 2017

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Future Leaders' Club, Afghanistan

In 2010, IFES launched the Future Leaders' Club (FLC) in Afghanistan. The program trained young women on democracy, elections, advocacy, and public speaking. The FLC program trained nearly 300 young women in Kabul and five other provinces.

In this video interview, two former participants, Sheela Shams and Nassiba Hussaini, describe the training courses in leadership skills, good governance, public speaking, advocacy, and women's issues.
“In Afghanistan, most women don't know about their rights, so how can we give them awareness about the laws and their rights?” said Shams.

“We want to see a stronger Afghanistan and we want to see women play a bigger role in the decisions of our country. The first thing I learned was self-confidence. I learned how to plan, how to work. I learned about women's rights, about the laws and institutions of Afghanistan. We went to Parliament and met our representatives and our senators,” said Hussaini.