21 Dec 2011

Delia Ferreira Rubio, winner of the 2011 Joe C. Baxter Award, is an internationally recognized expert in political finance and advocate for transparency in government. Her insight into the political process is valued by individuals and organizations around the world.

12 Dec 2011

Cote d'Ivoire held the first legislative elections in more than a decade on Sunday, December 11. These elections will usher in the first democratically elected parliament since 2005, when the mandate of the one elected in 2000 expired.

2 Dec 2011

On November 28 -29, Egyptians began voting in Phase I of the first post-Mubarak legislative elections. Nine governorates across Egypt went to the polls to begin electing the lower house of Parliament, the People’s Assembly. Despite increasing unrest in the week prior to the start of elections, calm largely returned to the streets as Egyptians came out in droves to cast their ballots.

21 Nov 2011

After three years, IFES’ project in Haiti advising the Provisional Electoral Council is coming to an end. This is the latest in a number of different programs IFES has implemented over the past 20 years to help promote democratic participation and improve the electoral process.

9 Nov 2011

Incumbent President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and former United Nations diplomat Winston Tubman were on the ballot November 8, for the presidential run-off election in Liberia.

Despite the boycott announced by Tubman and at least one violent confrontation in an area near the capital, a significant number of Liberians turned up to cast their ballots in a peaceful manner.

8 Nov 2011

On Sunday, November 6, Guatemala held the second round of its presidential election. The run-off came down to Otto Pérez Perez Molina, a retired army general from the Patriotic Party (Partido Patriota, PP), and Manuel Baldizon, a businessman from the Renewed Democratic Liberty Party (Libertad Democrática Renovada, Lider).

31 Oct 2011

On 30 October, Kyrgyzstan held an election to choose a successor to interim President Rosa Otunbayeva.  IFES Program Manager Anthony Bowyer, along with other IFES staff members, visited polling stations throughout the day.

25 Oct 2011

Tunisia held its first democratic election on Sunday, lighting the way for nations experiencing the Arab Spring and others hoping to see democratic reforms take root within their government. The turnout was high, as citizens were eager to vote for the National Constituent Assembly (NCA), a body tasked with writing a constitution within the next year.

7 Jul 2011

After years of struggle and conflict, elation permeates South Sudan as it commemorates its independence on July 9, 2011. From Juba, Parvinder Singh, IFES’ Acting Country Director in Sudan, tells us of the independence celebrations, the challenges that lie ahead for the world’s newest country, and how South Sudan can solidify its democracy.

29 May 2011

Chiefs of Party are elections experts who sometimes agree to work on projects in countries they have never visited, as was the case for Robert Patterson, IFES Chief of Party in Cambodia. He arrived in Phnom Penh knowing he would live there for two years, running IFES’ women's leadership program and civic education programs.

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