25 May 2010

Earlier this month, the International Criminal Court ( ICC) arrived in Kenya to begin investigating the election violence following the December 2008 election. The bloodshed left at least 1,100 dead and over 300,000 persons displaced. Despite the atrociousness of election violence, international judicial bodies rarely get involved in prosecuting it.

26 Apr 2010

Transcript of Podcast with Minnesota Supreme Court Justice Paul Anderson and election lawyer and recount expert John “Jack” Harding Young.

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Chad Vickery:

18 Aug 2009

Members of the IFES-Afghanistan team went out to the streets of Kabul to interview Afghan citizens of all backgrounds and occupations.

18 Aug 2009
From Conakry, Coté talks about whether Captain Moussa Dadis Camara will run for president, how popular he is at the moment, and what the political elite thinks about his future in government. She also comments on whether the January elections will be free and fair.
15 Jun 2009

Bill Sweeney, IFES’ new president & CEO, sat down with Jamie Dettmer, IFES director of communications and advocacy, and Laura Osio, IFES press officer, to talk about why he joined IFES, his involvement in the early days of the U.S.

7 Apr 2009

Moldova, one of the poorest countries in Europe and one of the few former members of the Soviet Union that have continued to strive towards democracy, is facing a challenging time in the aftermath of its April 5th parliamentary election.

4 Nov 2008

While voters withstand long lines and the elements to cast their ballot, Skye Christensen of the International Foundation for Electoral Systems, a nonprofit group that helps countries run democratic elections, talks about how other countries run their elections.


3 Nov 2008

With voter interest at an all-time high, election officials in Maryland, Virginia and D.C. are bracing for record turnout. Dozens of election officials from across the world will be in town to take notes and observe the nuts and bolts of the American voting process during the expected frenzy.

26 Sep 2008

This week on AK we face some ethical dilemmas. As a state, we’ve had our share of them lately. We’ll ponder why these ethical breaches by elected officials are cropping up in Alaska and learn how Senator Stevens’ case is being used in anti-corruption training in Africa. Plus, is it right to plough under farmland to build new subdivisions? It’s all coming up this week on AK, from APRN.

May 22, 2015

IFES Chief of Party in Haiti Alessandra Rossi has over a decade of experience in electoral assistance projects.